About Pemco

Pemco is a family-owned Norwegian investment company focusing on small and medium-sized businesses with sustainable, environmentally-friendly and innovative profiles. The company’s investment portfolio currently comprises companies in a range of sectors: renewable energy, aquaculture, paper and packaging from recycled raw materials, medicinal and chemical household products, fintech and digitisation.

Pemco achieved turnover of more than NOK 2 billion in 2017, and is in a strong financial position. It has approximately 400 employees. The group, which is headquartered in the centre of Oslo, is led by CEO Håkon Knappskog.

  1. Norwegian Oil Trading established

    Norwegian Oil Trading launched by Bjørn Knappskog.
  2. Pemco Oil established

    The fall of the Berlin Wall marks a decline in the company’s market prospects in East Germany. Pemco Oil is launched and enters the heating oil and paraffin distribution market in eastern Norway.
  3. Pemco Kuras established

    Pemco Kuras is launched and starts manufacturing lubricant oils in Lithuania.
  4. Entry into chemicals distribution market

    Pemco launches its chemicals distribution business.
  5. Acquisition of KB Kjemisk

    Pemco enters the household chemicals sector through the purchase of KB Kjemisk, the owner of the Blåtind brand.
  6. Expansion of household chemicals business

    Pemco makes a number of smaller acquisitions in the household chemicals sector. Chemicals businesses are launched in Lithuania and Latvia.
  7. Exit from petroleum industry

    Paus & Paus AS and Neste Chemicals Distribution Business are acquired, while Pemco Kuras and the Pemco Oil business are sold, marking Pemco’s exit from the petroleum industry.
  8. Acquisition of Kemetyl and discontinuation of oil trading

    Kemetyl AB and Haltermann Scandinavian Distribution Business are acquired, while the oil trading business is discontinued.
  9. Acquisition of Petrosol AB

    Pemco acquires Petrosol AB.
  10. Acquisition of Carix and Lefab

    Carix Holdings Ltd and Lefab AB are acquired.
  11. Acquisition of Procar and Arcus

    Procar Group and Arcus Kjemi are acquired.
  12. Sell-down of stake in Kemetyl Group

    Pemco sells 50% of its shares in the Kemetyl Group.
  13. Acquisition of stake in Arbaflame

    Pemco buys 50% of the shares in Arbaflame AS.
  14. Acquisition of Statoil wood pellets business

    Pemco buys Statoil’s wood pellets business in Sweden and Norway. Initially called Pemco Trepellets, but subsequently renamed Pemco Energi.
  15. Investment in DMedical

    Pemco becomes the majority shareholder in DMedical AS. Stake in Arbaflame AS increased to 76%.
  16. Acquisition of L&B Medical AB

    Pemco purchases L&B Medical AB. Pemco sells its remaining shareholdings in the Kemetyl Group and Zenteum Ltd.
  17. Acquisition of Peterson AS

    Pemco acquires Peterson AS and subsequent restructures it into Peterson Packaging Group AS. Pemco also purchases a stake in Proton Ventures BV
  18. Acquisition of Medical Market AB

    Acquisition of Medical Market AB
  19. Divestment of Peterson and investment in Nordic Aquafarms

    Parts of Peterson Packaging Group AS are sold. Ranheim Paper & Board is established. Pemco acquires a stake in Nordic Aquafarms AS and reinvests in Kemetyl AB.
  20. Divestment of parts of Kemetyl AB

    Kemetyl AB’s consumer business and industrial distribution operation are sold.
  21. Divestment of Pemco Energi

    Pemco Energi is sold to Solør Bioenergi.