Renewable energy

Pemco’s shift away from oil and oil trading occurred in 2008, with the company’s first green investment, in the technology company Arbaflame. The following year, Pemco bought Statoil’s wood pellets business, which was later renamed Pemco Energi and sold to Solør Bioenergi in 2018.

Arbaflame has developed a world-leading steam-treatment technology for the production of wood pellets. The pellets, which are marketed under the Arbacore brand name, are particularly well-suited as a replacement for coal in coal-fired power stations. Arbacore pellets have a higher energy content than other pellets, are waterproof and can be handled in the same way as coal. Through this product, Arbaflame is helping to reduce emissions from coal-fired power production without significant conversion costs.

Pemco Energi produces wood pellets at two factories in Brumunddal, Norway, and Säffle, Sweden. The company also operates four district-heating areas in Norway and Sweden, supplying energy from 82 central heating plants. The company’s turnover totalled NOK 140 million in 2017.

Pemco Energi was sold to Solør Bioenergi in 2018, and has since been renamed Solør Bioenergi Varme.

Proton Ventures is an engineering company from the Netherlands that designs smaller-scale, decentralised ammonia factories that utilise renewable energy. The system allows ammonia to be used to store green energy during periods when the electricity grid is overloaded.

Proton Ventures also designs ammonia terminals, storage systems for agricultural chemicals and other systems, for example for steam production and water cooling.